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MJ Equipment Inc. is an independent dealer of pre-owned equipment and parts for all construction equipment, including:






Specializing in pre-owned equipment

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Sales Options

MJ Equipment is your world-wide source for pre-owned equipment. We will find the equipment that fits your needs and rebuild it to your specifications.

Reconditioned Equipment:
(recommended for equipment 5+ years old)
Our reconditioning process ensures that the end product is in “like new” operating condition. Our equipment is inspected, repaired, media blasted, painted and rebuilt to factory specifications. Machines are then subjected to a point quality checklist, to test and ensure that the equipment meets our high standards for reconditioning.

The advantage is clear; this equipment will be ready for optimum job site performance; you are buying a low cost alternative to new equipment that will compliment your business for a fraction of the cost.

Service Package:
(recommended for equipment under 4 years old)
This process includes a thorough cleaning, inspection, renewal of all fluids, filters and grease.

“As-Is” Used Equipment:
This offer is available to you at a special low price to move inventory and make room for new trade-ins. No warranty offered only big savings.


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