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Rental Application Form

Job-Site Location


HEAVY EQUIPMENT - $120.00 (Per Hour)

to job site and return to MJ yard, including load/unload time - min. run $85.00 ea. way.

COMPACT EQUIPMENT - $50.00 (Per Hour)

to job site and return to MJ yard, min. run $45.00 ea. way.

When you're done with the rental you will need to give us a call so that we can arrange pick-up.

Insurance Information

** NOTE - MJ Rentals does not provide insurance for your rental **
Please check the box which applies
are required to provide a Certificate of Liability, including equipment coverage, general liability, and name M.J. Equipment Rental as additional insured.

For individuals that cannot provide a Certificate of Liability or equipment coverage, please know that we are not providing coverage for you. List below your Home Owners Insurance in the event an accident would occur on your property with the use of our equipment, further details are provided here in the Terms & Conditions of Contract.

Tax Exempt?

If, yes please email us a signed & completed tax exemption form. Email tax exemption forms to:

Rental Information

Reserved Time Frame

4 Hrs. (No Meter)

Daily (24 Hrs)


Week (7 days)


Month (4 weeks)


Please select the date and time you wish to reserve the rental.

ADDITIONAL TERMS OF RENTAL: Customer is responsible for notifying MJ Rentals to reserve additional time if needed. We cannot extend a refund due to inclement weather. Weekends are considered rental days. Your rental is also calculated by an hour meter; if you exceed your allowed meter hours for the time frame rented; additional charges may apply. Extra hours are calculated at $25.00 per hour limited to 8 hrs. per day/40 hrs. per week.

Operators of a BOOM LIFT are required by OSHA to wear a safety harness approved by ANSI for aerial lift work. If this applies to your rental please select from options below.

Customer is providing ANSI approved hardness per ea. operator

Add Harness to Rental

Description of Requested Rental Item(s)

Review the Rental items available

Payment Information

Payment Terms

All rentals are reserved w/credit card unless an account has been established.

PLEASE NOTE: Equipment must be returned clean and in same condition as it left or a cleaning fee of $50.00 or more may apply. Your machine will arrive fully fueled, you have an option to refuel or we'll top off the fuel upon return and charge accordingly. Any equipment failures or mishaps must be reported to us immediately so that we can address the situation promptly.

I agree and understand all Terms and Conditions set forth by MJ Equipment Rental LLC.

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