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SkyTrak Models

Load ratings are in compliance with ANSI B56.6 STABILITY for rough terrain forklifts. Cab tested to ANSI B56.6 FOPS specifications.

  • Combines the time-tested and proven Koehring “shooting boom” principle with capability to place loads up, out, over and down.
  • Positive traction, even in slippery conditions, provided by rear axle locking differential.
  • Four-point stability is assured with front axle oscillation lock that’s set automatically when boom is extended for load placement.
  • The ultimate in operator convenience with its foot-operated travel pedal and control levers that move in same direction as boom and carriage.  
Tires: Front wheels: 15 x 19.5, 14 ply transport.
Rear wheels: 16.9 x 28, 10 ply, all-traction utility tube-type

SkyTrak Model 6034


6034 Chart

Engine: Ford 4-cylinder diesel rated @ 76.9 net hp (52.2 kW) @2 2100 rpm; 268 CID (4392 cm3)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 20 gal. (75.7 litres)
Cooling System Capacity: 20 qts. (21.2 litres)
Torque Converter: 11 in. (279 mm) single stage. Foot operated shuttle pedal
Hydraulic System: Lifting
Front-mounted gear-type pump: 37 gpm. (1401/mm) @ 2100 rpm
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 32 gal. (121.1 litres)
Maximum Lift Capacity: 6,000 lbs.(2722 kg)
Maximum Lifting Height: 34′ 2″ (10.4 m)
Maximum Length Less Forks: 18′ 0″ (5.5 m)
Maximum Height: 9′ 8″ (3.0 m)
Maximum Forward Reach: 18′ 0″ (5.5 m)
Maximum Reach, Below Grade: 4′ 0″ (1.3 m)
Width: 7′ 11.375″ (2.4 m)
Operating Weight Approximately 18,600 lbs. (8437 kg)
Wheelbase: 111″ (2819 mm)
Ground Clearance: 13″ (330 mm)
Turning Clearance Radius: 20′ 6″ (6.2 m)
Gradeability: 40%
Fork Lengths: 48″ (1219 mm)
Instrument Panel: Conveniently located and easily identified by SAE markings with description
Other Standard Features:
  • Frame with integral FOPS
  • Brake Lights
  • Complete
  • 12V Electrical System Including Starting Motor
  • Alternator and Two Batteries
  • Ammeter
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Engine Temperature and Hydraulic Oil Temperature Indicators
  • Boom Attachments, 10-ft. (3 m) Mast Extension
  • 48″ (1219 mm), and 60″ (1524 mm)
  • Conventional or Side-Tilt Carriages
  • Shaft Mount Carriages, 4000 lb. (1814 kg) Block Forks, Set of Four
  • 6000 lb. (2722 kg) Block Forks, Set of Six Counterbalance Valves — Lift and Tilt
  • Cold Start Kit
  • Light Package
  • Front and Rear Fenders
  • Rear Wheel Weights
  • Anti-Vandalism Kit
  • Special Paint
Front Wheel Assist: Piston-type, pressure compensating pump, 17 gpm (64.4 1/mm) @ 2100 rpm. Independent front wheel hydraulic motors assist at speeds below 5 mph (8.0 km/h). Automatic engagement and disengagement
Brakes: 8 in. (203 mm) oil-cooled disc-type. Individual brakes may be operated separately or locked together. Parking brake locks and releases service brakes. Hand emergency brake lever automatically disengages when released
Travel Speed: 4 speeds both forward and reverse. 0-20 mph (0-32 km/h) 2100 rpm (converter output speed)
Differential Lock: Locks rear drive wheels for positive traction in mud, on ice or loose ground. Automatically disengages when releasing foot pedal pressure.
Front Axle Stabilizer: With boom retracted, stabilizer cushions front wheel shocks when traveling over rough terrain. Automatically locks when boom is extended, preventing front axle from pivoting. Provides four-point stance.
  • Telescopic 2-section boom. Maximum forward reach of 18’0″ (5.5 m) Maximum below-grade reach of 4′ 3″ (1.3 in).
  • Standard forks are 48″ (1219 mm) long and 4″ (102 mm) wide. Fork tilt in carry position is 20° forward and 10° backward.
  • Optional attachments can be easily adapted to boom end, including hydraulically-operated devices.
  • Crane hook, concrete hopper, mortar tub and rubbish bucket available.
Operator’s Station: Contemporary-styled with rear-center positioning for best view of forks and surrounding jobsite area. Easy access to two-way adjustable operator’s seat. Equipped with seat belt.
Controls: Three levers to control boom angle, boom length and fork tilt. Foot-operated travel pedal. Brake lock for parking. Steering wheel and horn. Reverse alarm. Key-operated engine power switch. Fuel shut-off.