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Lifting Height:



30′ 6″

SkyTrak Model 710
Wheel Base: 7′ 10″
Length Overall: 16′ 5″ (to heel of fork)
Fork Length: 24″, 36″, 48″
Height, Boom Lowered: 9′ 2″
Front Tires: 9.00 x 20 10 ply, compactor
Rear Tires: 14.9 x 28 8 ply, R-4, industrial
Total Weight: Approximately 15,000 lbs
Torque Converter: 11″, single stage torque converter, automatically balance engine power to load requirements – increases operating performance by as much as 40%
Hydraulics: Rear mounted pump for lifting, delivers 30 GPM at 2000 RPM.  Side-mounted pump for torque converter and power steering, delivers 13.5 GPM at 2000 RPM.  Cylinder shafts are chrome plated for increased service and seal life.
Power Steering: Full hydraulic, with no mechanical linkage.
Brakes: Large (6″ OD, 3-1/8″ ID) dual-disc brakes located on differential countershaft assure fast, sure stops, shorter turns, easier handling.  Heavy-duty brake pedals can be operated together or separately.  Convenient hand levers sets and release brake lock.  Brakes are quickly and easily adjusted.
Front End Stabilizer: With boom retracted, the front-end stabilizer cushions front-wheel shocks when traveling over rough terrain.  The stabilizer automatically locks when the boom is extended, preventing the front axel from pivoting.  This provides 4-point suspension and improves the stability of the machine.  There is no mechanical linkage which might require extra maintenance.
Electrical: 12-volt system, negative ground, cranking motor, alternator, and battery.
Foot-Operated Shuttle: Travel direction can be reversed by applying toe or heel pressure on the shuttle pedal.  The control automatically returns to neutral when the foot is removed.  The hydraulic shuttle automatically assures smooth, fast, reversals.  It speeds loading work and increases the flexibility of operation.