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Suspension of Small Package Service Guarantee

Effective March 26th, 2020 and until further notice, UPS has suspended the UPS Service Guarantee for all shipments to any destination, at all service levels. As the effects of the COVID-19 virus continue to impact the UPS infrastructure, UPS will continue to seek guidance from local and national government entities regarding applicable regulations.

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SkyTrak Models

Load ratings are in compliance with ANSI B56.6 STABILITY for rough terrain forklifts. Cab tested to ANSI B56.6 FOPS specifications. 

Maneuverable: With 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and crab steering modes, you can easily move into tight quarters. Extremely tight turning radius is 13-ft. 3-in. You can move the machine into perfect position to place the load where you want it.
Reach: You have 2,000-lb. capacity at full forward reach of 23 feet, 6 inches, plus 6 feet of forward reach at maximum discharge height. You can put pay loads where others can’t.
Tremendous Traction: With no-spin differential on front axle and 3-speed power shift transmission driven by your choice of either naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel engines, you can plow through axle-deep mud, work on rough terrain, negotiate uneven ground and still deliver the payload to its target under all job conditions.
Max. Lift Capacity: 8,000 lbs. 8038 Chart
Lift Height: 37′ 6″
Max Reach Below Grade:  4
Operating Weight: 23,1000 lbs.
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 53 gallons
Fuel Tank Capacity: 44 gallons
Frame Tilt to Left or Right: 120˚ each way
Length Less Forks: 212″
Width: 96″
Height: 102″
Wheelbase: 108″
Ground Clearance: 16″
Tread: 81.75″
Turning Clearance Radius: 13′ 3″
Max. Reach @ Max. Height to 24″ Load Center: 72″
  • Ford BSD-444 diesel 86 hp @ 2500 rpm
  • Ford BSD-444T turbocharged diesel 107 hp @ 2500 rpm
  • Perkins 4.236T turbocharged diesel 102 hp @ 2600 rpm
  • John Deere 4239T turbocharged diesel 102 hp @ 2500 rpm
Transmission: Power shift, 3-speed forward and reverse with inching control
Axles & Brakes: Planetary with disc brakes. Full time 4-wheel drive.
Boom: Box section with welded construction using high strength steel. Telescopic 3 stage type.
Standard Equipment:
  • Frame with F.O.P.S. and R.O.P.S. Diesel engine, 3-speed power shift transmission with disc type parking brake
  • Planetary front and rear axles with hydraulically actuated disc type brakes
  • Front axle equipped with no spin differential
  • Oscillating rear axle
  • Large all-traction flotation tires (13.00 x 24-10 ply)
  • Telescopic three section boom
  • Frame leveling
  • Automatic fork leveling system
  • Shaft mounted floating forks
  • Adjustable operator’s seat with belt
  • Horn and back-up alarm
  • Instruments and warning lights
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Complete 12V electrical system
  • Load holding valve on frame leve, lift, tilt, and boom extend cylinders
  • Light Mico brake lock
  • Deluxe suspension seat with arm rests
  • Anti-vandalism group
  • Servo valve controls
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
  • Block heater
  • Cold start kit, 48″ and 60″ full taper pallet forks
  • Block forks (set of 6)
  • Utility bucket
  • Concrete hopper
  • Mortar tub
  • Carriages (48″, 60″, and 72″)
  • Side tilt carriage
  • Cab with removable door, opening rear window, defroster fan and windshield wiper
  • Cab heater